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Free feng shui tips: decorating in the bedroom

Feng Shui is the Chinese discipline of arranging living space to best enhance life energy and to help people live the lives they desire. When decorating a bedroom, keep the following principles of Feng Shui in mind.

Remove clutter:

Clutter makes it difficult to relax - and bedrooms are meant for relaxing - so it is critical to keep the bedroom clean and uncluttered in order to have restful sleep. If you have several small items you must keep handy on your nightstand, tuck them in a drawer or find an elegant box in which to store them.

Objects and activities:

Items that connote negative events or circumstances should not be displayed in the bedroom. While a poignant photograph of a homeless person or a wartime memento may be beautiful or have sentimental value, these items are inappropriate for a bedroom environment; instead place objects that add to the sense of the bedroom as a calming and romantic place. Romantic artwork is ideal as are flowers, candles and paired objects. Additionally, objects that represent romance with a previous partner, such as photographs, love letter or gifts, should not be kept in the bedroom.

Avoid strenuous exercise activities in the bedroom; working out in the bedroom brings the energy of exertion into this space. Do not store exercise equipment in the bedroom as it creates the same energy as the act of exercising.

If you have difficulty sleeping, try removing all other activities from the bedroom. Read, write, chat and pursue activities in other areas of the house, reserving the bedroom for restful pursuits.

The bed:

The bed is the pivotal furniture item in every bedroom and must be positioned correctly for proper energy flow. Ensure that the door can be seen from the bed so there is a smooth flow of energy from the room's entrance to the bed. The bed is best positioned across the room from the door, but it should not be directly across from it. This ensures fresh energy can find its way into the room, but will not be immediately removed.

Leave an equal amount of space on either side of the bed to help keep partnerships equal. Do not store items underneath the bed; a clear space under the bed promotes better rest.

Mirrors and other furniture:

A round mirror is a wise choice in a bedroom; it symbolizes unity and completion. A mirror should not be placed directly opposite a bed. Also, if the door cannot be seen from the bed, a mirror should be placed to make it visible.

Tall objects, such as chests of drawers, move energy upward. If column-like items must be in the room, place them against walls, around the edges of the room.


Bedroom lighting should not be too bright; glaring or harsh light is disruptive to the calm energy in a well-designed bedroom. However, ensure lights are not too dim either; squinting and straining are counterproductive.


For couples, the bedroom must be a place of sensuality and shared passion. Objects representing or aiding in this goal should be placed in the bedroom. Items that detract from these goals, such as the television, computer and organizers should be removed from the bedroom.

For singles, preparation of the bedroom can be especially important. Attract a partner by actually making room for a partner in the bedroom. Ensure there is closet space to share, an empty drawer in the nightstand and room in the drawer.