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Theme Ideas for Your College Dorm Room

Heading off to college is an exciting time for many college freshmen. For many it is a time where you will be living on your own for the very first time. While you might be stuck with school issued furniture and blank walls, there is no reason why your dorm room needs to be boring or not show off your individual style. Here are some great ideas for themes you can choose from to help you decorate your room:

Movie Theme: If you love movies, going with a movie theme is a great way to show off your love for the big screen. You can decorate with movie posters, get a director's chair, hang stage like curtains over the windows or your closet, and maybe even consider having a small basket of your favorite theatre snacks.

School Pride Theme: Are you proud of your school? You can decorate in anything that has the school's colors or logos on it. Hanging pennants on the wall, getting a bedspread that coordinates with the school colors, and giving your room that university feel might help you remember you're there to study and graduate.

Girly Theme: Many girls love to take college as the last chance to go all out with pink and purple and their inner child. Brightly colored bedspreads, fun colored area rugs, and decorative designs with glitter can all help you achieve this look.

Sophisticated Modern: For more serious students who want to show off their sense of sophistication, a sophisticated modern look might be another great theme to choose from when decorating your college dorm room. Choosing neutral colors of beige and black, opting for nickel plated or stainless steel accessories, and tastefully hanging artwork are all ideas for achieving a modern and grown up look.
Sports Theme: Do you love sports? Whether its football, basketball, soccer, hockey, or others, you can certainly incorporate your love for the sport into your bedroom's decor. You can hang posters or pennants and choose rugs, curtains, and bedspreads that show off your favorites teams.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to decorating your college dorm room. By thinking about your interests and favorite things, you'll be sure to come up with something that really reflects your personality as well as gives you a comfortable and fun place to sleep, study, and relax.

By:Jenna Hert
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