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How to Get the Best Memorial Village Home

If you are not from this part of the country, you might ask, 'Where is Memorial Village?' Memorial Village is located in Houston, Texas and is a cluster of six villages.

What Makes This Place Special?

This is an area specifically developed to allow people to live a life close to the city but without a city feel. Homes here are typically massive country style estate homes. People residing here can enjoy a quality of life quite different from that of downtown Houston.

These homes are largely occupied by corporate executives who want to live away from the busy city. Memorial Village is made up of six villages, each with its own police, fire and municipal departments. Therefore, they function independently. The area has been developed to maintain a country-style life, and not even billboards are allowed within the locality and shopping centers are on the periphery of the villages.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Home

The first of course is the price. Given its exclusivity, prices of homes here tend to be high. Prices however vary sharply from village to village. While Piney Point Village has homes in the price range of $600,000 to close to $20 million, most homes in Hilshire Village are in the $500,000 range. The cheapest homes in the Memorial Villages cluster can be found in Hedwig Village, where homes are available starting at a little above $50,000 dollars.

As mentioned earlier, shopping centers are located on the periphery of the villages. You must, therefore, be willing to make that journey whenever you need to pick up something from the grocery store.

For those with small children, schooling is not an issue, as there are schools in each of the villages, and the schools are also zoned to other schools in Houston.
Given the current housing market scenario, prices of homes are down everywhere in the country and this includes Memorial Village homes. You can negotiate hard and get a good deal for yourself.

Tips to Getting a Good Deal

Choose your agent wisely. Ask around before you sign a contract with a particular agent. Discuss your requirements very clearly with your agent. He or she must understand your budget, how much you will be putting in from your own pocket and the kind of home you want.

Both you and your agent might waste a lot of time if he or she is either showing you homes which you cannot afford to buy or is showing you types of homes which you do not want. If you want a single family home, you must specify that upfront. The agent should not show you condominiums which you are not interested in. Different agents represent different sellers, and therefore they all do not have the same homes in their list.

By:Beth Howard
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