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FRP cable protection Pipe
Features: 1 stain resistant moth, no rust, to Water Quality from secondary pollution. Also   used to transport sewage, mud, water and other media 2,  water..
Sepiolite pipe
Sepiolated Cable Protection Pipes Specís: We are using an imported advanced technology for manufacturing the pipes. The raw materials are based on sepiolite fibers, Polyvinyl alco..
rubber foam insulation Price:$225/cbm
Gao Sheng rubber foam insulations are engineered and manufacture for HAVC and many other industry applications. With closed cell structure Gao Sheng insulations effectively retard..
Pressure Pipe Price:$9/M
Applicable scope: Domestic water, condensed water, oxygen, compressed air, other chemistry liquid pipeline. Hot water and heating pipeline. Natural gas, liquid gas, gas piping.
Teflon O-ring, PTFE O-ring Price:$9/pcs
Teflon O-ring, PTFE O-ring main type: AS 568 Teflon O-ring, JIS PG Teflon O-ring, GB Teflon O-ring, AS 568 PTFE O-ring, JIS PG PTFE O-ring, GB PTFE O-ring.
O-ring, Rubber ring, Seal ring Price:$8/pcs
O-ring, Rubber ring, Seal ring main type: America O-RING KIT, Europe O-RING KIT, Japan O-RING KIT. VITON O-ring, Silicone O-ring, Nitrile O-ring, EPDM O-ring, HNBR O-ring, CR O-rin..
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