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turkey marmara equator marble slabs
turkey marmara equator marble slabs   [ white marble slab ] turkey marmara equator marble slabs more details pls check as following informat..
glass wool Price:$550/t
steel structure workshop using glass wool felt
laminate flooring skirting 60 baseboard
baseboard60-1 serves as a transition from a horizontal surface(e.g. your  new laminate floor) to the vertical surface of a walll. core material: high quality mdf/hdf eco-..
laminate flooring skirting 90mm baseboard
wall base - borders the wood floor at the base of the wall to give the room a finished look. this molding along with the quarter round conceals the required expansion space betwee..
laminate flooring accessory wood molding quarter round
quality floors accessory: more than 3000 colors for your choose. strong abrasion resistence e0/e1 standard hdf&mdf it can be used as skirting to protect the wall . it fi..
laminate flooring accessory carpet trim reducer
reducer is used to create a smooth transition between two floors of different heights, as well protect the planks. the color can match the floors completely as requested. core mate..
laminate flooring skirting 80mm baseboard
e0/e1 standard mdf & hdf skirting(carb compliant) popular skirting style more than 3000 colors for selecting it serves as a transtion from a horizontal surface to the vertical..
floor thresholds stair edge trim t-molding
t-molding is one of the most common molding ,it provide an attractive solution for blending floor surfaces in adjoining rooms. used in doorways and borders where floors of similar..
laminate flooring accessory stairnose
detailed product description hdf&mdf moulding: top grade hdf/mdf. excellent abrasion resistence and waterproof. more than 3000 colors for your selecting.. ..
flooring carpet underlayment eva underlay
soundness solution underlayment. for stone, laminate, & carpet. trustable quality.   name laminate flooring underlayment usesage dampproof is the isol..
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