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CANGAS PSA Nitrogen Generator

CANGAS PSA Nitrogen Generator
CANGAS PSA Nitrogen Generator
Price: --
Made In: China
Product Description:
Brand Name: CANGAS
Terms of Payment: T/T, L/C
Delivery Lead Time: 50 days

Company name: CAN Gas Systems Company Limited
Business Address: Room B514-516, GID International Center, No. 27 Nanbinhe Road, Xuanwu District, Beijing, China
Contact Person: Mr.Wang Lyman
Tel: 86-010-63338130
Mobile phone: 86-13910382975
E-mail: market@can-gas.com
Post Date: 1-31-2008

More reliable: * CANGAS standardized air separation systems based on proven state of the art technologies
in history of many years application in fields
* Simplified engineering design idea with much less moving parts, guarantees maximum
reliability and minimal maintenance
More economical: * More advanced and more economical air separation modules* Patented Energy Efficiency Systems (EES) enables CANGAS systems to produce product
gases based on actual demand
* REFLUX composition control system reduces air consumption capacity, saves energy
More convenient: * CANBUS multi monitoring and control system enables parameters of capacity, purity,
and pressure of product gas online display on panel screen, gives running problem
alarm and reminds maintenance
* Turn-key solution and pre-tested * Skid mounted design, easy installation Practical advantages and a full service package: Back on our many years worldwide experience, CAN GAS can reduce delivery, installation
and start-up times of CANGAS air separation systems to a minimum. CANGAS ensures
that every sold system can get prompt service through a CANGAS experienced
technical team and our service department reminds every customer to do periodic
maintenance for CANGAS air separation systems, supervises and comprehends the
detail working conditions of the system, providing you with all the process information
you will need.

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