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elevator floor lcd indicator(tft)

elevator floor lcd indicator(tft)
elevator floor lcd indicator(tft)
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Made In: shenzhen
Product Description:
      the elevator floor lcd indicator is tft type,the screen picture is clear with rich colors.available in a range of sizes from 4.3 inch to 12.1 inch

   i. five functions:
     1. display elevator running status information (floor position,up and down,etc.);
     2. display overload and fire and maintenance or other alarm information;
     3. display calendar and time;
     4. display elevator owner and customers logo;
     5. arrow style and digital font can be edited;

   ii. optional function:
      the lcd display can be integrated with the driver of floor indicating light and the driver of voice reminding,so no need to find drivers to match the indicating light and speaker specially.

   iii. product characteristics:
      1. apply industrial-grade drives and industrial-grade high-brightness lcd of wide viewing angle,
      2. advanced,reliable and stable software system,there will be no boot failure in case of power off,
      3. lcd can display specific dedicated images and words when elevator approach a certain floor,
      4. the displayed information can be edited or changed or added flexibly and easily,
      5. variety of installation methods to choose from.

   iv. interface display style: be designed according to customer request.

Company name: lm electronic technology
Business Address: 3f,bloc e,chuangda industrial park,gushu village,baoan district,, shenzhen,, china
Contact Person: Mr.bob simmonds
Tel: 0086-755-36511896
Mobile phone: 0086-15625244896
E-mail: reg@elevator-lcd.com
Post Date: 3-28-2012

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