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Batch foaming machine,foaming machinery

Batch foaming machine,foaming machinery
Batch foaming machine,foaming machinery
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Made In: china
Product Description:
Foaming Process:
All the chemicals are first metered separately and then put together in the mixing tank of the machine. Then after setting the RPM and mixing time period, the chemicals are automatically poured in the mould of predefined size. Then mould is removed and the machine is washed thoroughly to make it ready for the next batch. With the help of two moulds, it is possible to make 10-12 blocks per hour depending upon the density.
The machine comes with complete know-how to produce different densities and grades of the product.
Technical data
1. Mixing Barrel: 180 KG
2. Mixing Motor: 15HP
3. Machine Dimension: L 23M x W 3M
4. Electric Control Panel
5. Square Mold
6. PPG 2ton Tank X 1
7. PPG 1ton Tank X 1
8. TDI 1ton Tank X 1
9. MC 300L Tank X 1
10. Imported Valve X 5
11. Imported Pump X 4
12. Cooler and Heater System

Business Address: xiansha industrial zone gaobu town, dongguan ,canton, china
Contact Person: Mr.roy mao
Tel: 86-769-22372133
E-mail: info-ef@163.com
Post Date: 9-20-2008

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