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modular floor Price:$11/ŠO
brand: faith model: f-s1 name: triangle assembly floor / without knurled size: 250 * 250 * 12.5mm life span: 10 years material: polypropylene (pp) morphology: tri..
parquet flooring made in china Price:$60/square
m - 10 floor combines art and technology in one, beautiful, noble and generous. is the princess of the floor. m - 10 technology from france, it inherits the french only beautiful..
manhole cover
specification:700x80mm,weight:50kg.the bearing      capacity:40tons. corrosion protection ,fire protection,wear-resisting ,environmental manhole co..
turkey marmara equator marble slabs
turkey marmara equator marble slabs   [ white marble slab ] turkey marmara equator marble slabs more details pls check as following informat..
glass wool Price:$550/t
steel structure workshop using glass wool felt
silk rugs Price:$186000/piece
specification :9ft*12ft craft:hand made material:silk
pvc flooring,laminate flooring Price:$6/sq
we are flooring manufacturer,we supply pvc flooring,wpc flooring,pvc flooring with glue,steel flooring,laminated flooring,anti-static flooring,and so on.. design:marble series;ca..
pvc flooring/ vinyl tiles
product description: the picture shows is one of the wood series, its pattern is beautiful and vivid, and owns many characteristics such as: wear resistent, anti-slip, water-pr..
laminate flooring skirting 60 baseboard
baseboard60-1 serves as a transition from a horizontal surface(e.g. your  new laminate floor) to the vertical surface of a walll. core material: high quality mdf/hdf eco-..
laminate flooring skirting 90mm baseboard
wall base - borders the wood floor at the base of the wall to give the room a finished look. this molding along with the quarter round conceals the required expansion space betwee..
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